Former bakery

Former Bakery (Voorm. Bakkerij) This building probably dates from the end of the 18th century. A bakery was located here until well into the 20th century. Until 1839 there was a passage to the former Roman Catholic church along this plot. In the 19th century it was renovated and the front and side facade were modernized. […]

The scale

The scale There used to be serious cylinders here They provided work and gave us lettered light Now I’m on my terp of packaged litter Green cultivated, carefully decorated for a bit of relaxation for spoiled children I lay my elbow on my  knee and gaze at a horizon full of urban obstacles It doesn’t […]

tempered glass

Armored glass Until the 1970s, the only measure to prevent attacks on or sabotage of the telecommunications network was simply to lock the front doors after closing time. After the train hijackings and hostage-taking, but also with the emergence of terrorist groups such as the Bader Meinhof and RaRa, there was a growing awareness that […]

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