Forest New Wulven

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Recreational forest in historic surroundings

The Nieuw Wulven forest is a young forest that has been created in a varied and historic landscape. In the forest, which is managed by Staatsbosbeheer, there is a lot of space for recreation and nature.

Illustration: Warbler


The southern part of Nieuw Wulven is located between grazing lands. It is part of the basin grounds in the Kromme Rijnstreek. This means that in winter the groundwater level is high and sometimes comes to the surface. In summer the groundwater level drops and reaches its lowest value at the end of the season. This part is known as the Drasbos. The old mining ditches that functioned for about a thousand years are clearly recognizable in the forest.

Illustration: Tufted duck, Gadwall

A forest in development

The oldest part of the forest was created about ten years ago in different atmospheres, such as the Boogbos, the Kamerbos, the Drasbos and the Dwaalbos. Many types of trees and shrubs were used in its construction. The forest is in full development and already offers a rich variety of plants and animals. In addition to various bird species, such as warbler, bluethroat, garden warbler and blackcap, deer and amphibians such as the moor frog and grass snake are also found here. The grass snake working group from Houten lays nesting mounds for grass snakes here every year.

Illustration: Grass

Play forest for children

Staatsbosbeheer puts high priority on playability of forest ground, therefore providing space for children to play in nature. A play forest has  been developed for children by the municipality of Houten in collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer and the municipality of Bunnik. It consists of several play areas that are inspired by history, such as Het Grote Fort. Furthermore, children can enjoy themselves in nature in the “Wulfse Waterlinie”, such as jumping ditches and building huts and bridges. Briefly, children can let their imagination run wild here.

Rich history

In this area, traces of habitation have been found from the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Roman period. For example, the Romans left behind the old boundary wall or Limes and the remains of the Castellum Fectio, the current Fort Vechten. This fort, like the much later built forts of the New Dutch Waterline, is located on a safe elevation in an area that could be completely submerged to keep the enemy out.

Illustrations: bluethroat, cavalryman, legionary, centaury, real cuckoo flower

Rules and Dogs

Dogs must be kept on a leash in the play forest, but they are not allowed in Het Grote Fort . On the other grounds south of the Zijlgraaf, dogs are allowed to run loose all year round. In the rest of the area, dogs must be on a leash between March 15 and July 15 due to hibernating fauna. For activities that deviate from the access rules, a permit must be requested. Barbecues are not allowed on site.

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Forest New Wulven

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