Grift Bridge 1917

Grift bridge  “1917” The first horse tram in Utrecht was taken into use in 1879 for the connection with Zeist via the Biltstraat. A second line followed in 1889, connecting the Hoogelanden within the city via the Oudegracht with the Ledig Erf. In June 1906, the first electric tram came into service in Utrecht, which […]

The Plompetower

The Plompetoren The canal: from defense line to city park The impressive Plompetoren, almost 40 meters high, protected the entrance to the Plompetorengracht for centuries. Initially, the underpass was in the tower itself, but around 1540 a new water gate was made next to the tower. This new entrance was defended with cannons from the […]

The scale

The scale There used to be serious cylinders here They provided work and gave us lettered light Now I’m on my terp of packaged litter Green cultivated, carefully decorated for a bit of relaxation for spoiled children I lay my elbow on my  knee and gaze at a horizon full of urban obstacles It doesn’t […]

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